Dog Grooming

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We offer Nail Trims !

Nail Trims and Nail grinding now available! See pricing below. No appointment needed, but Please call ahead! 
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Full Service Grooming

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Just a bath......

Don't want to do it yourself? Let our experienced groomers bathe your dog and have them smelling fresh and feeling good! Includes Bath, Nail Trim, and Ear Cleaning, and cologne.

Toy Breed-$45.00

Medium coat-add $5.00
Long Coat-add $10.00

Prices based on short-coated dogs. Longer or matted coats may be additional. Dogs that are matted may require a full groom with a haircut. We will not bathe matted coats.

Nail Trimming and Grinding


Please call ahead!

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Full Groom....

Let our professional groomer fully bathe and trim your dog. Our full groom includes shampoo and conditioner, blow dry, brushing, cologne, nail trim, ear cleaning and a full haircut. 

Toy Breed-$70.00
Over 120lbs-$200.00

*Matted or difficult dogs may incur additional charges. 

Express Service-add $25.00

Add our Perfect Pup Package for the ultimate groom. Includes nail grinding, a blueberry facial, and deep conditioning for $27.00

Deshed treatment includes Specialty shampoo, brush and blow out. Recommended for double coated breeds, such as Labradors and Huskies. Add $27.00 to Full Groom price, and $35.00 to any bath

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Doodle Pricing
Because of their special coat requirements, all Doodle breeds are priced as follows-



All prices listed are subject to additional charges, depending on your dogs' coat condition, and behavior.


A La Carte..

Face Trim-$5.00
Sanitary Trim-$8.00
Ear Cleaning-$8.00
Feet Trim-$8.00
Foot Pad Trim-$5.00
Ear Plucking-$12.00
Feet, Face & Fanny-$15.00
Nail Trim & Ear Cleaning-$20.00
Nail Grind & Ear Cleaning-$27.00
Matted-$25.00(60 mins)
Spa CO2 Treatment-$12.00
Specialty Shampoo-$8.00
Extra Help-$15.00
Nail polish-$8.00
Brush, Demat, Scissor-$15.00/15 minutes
Deshed Treatment-$27.00 with full groom $35.00 with a bath(includes Specialty Shampoo, Blow-out & Brushing)
Express Service-$25.00


Size Chart:
Toy-under 10 lbs
Small-10-24 lbs
Medium-24-49 lbs
Large-49-89 lbs
Xlg-89-120 lbs
Giant-over 120 lbs